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  Typhon LED Controller

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Add MeanWell ELN LED Drivers?*:


Got a DIY LED fixture? Want better control of those LED's? Tired of turning knobs?

Order your Typhon LED Controller Kit with the ELN-60-48P LED drivers for as low as $30 per driver to help you make the switch to a superior LED controlling system!!!

Typhon LED controller allows you to control 4 LED channels independently. Perfect for ANY LED drivers that accepts either 5V or 10V PWM input controls, such as Meanwell LED Driver (10V input PWM) or Buckpuck LED Driver (5V input PWM). See below for list of compatible drivers. Note: Max of 2 LED drivers can be wired to each channel.


  • Four independently controlled channels with either 10V PWM or 5V PWM output.
  • Ability to set timing (on/off), maximum intensity, and fade time for each channel.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • LCD screen displaying real time and level of intensity for each channel.
  • Upgradeable Software using FTDI USB Cord.
Dimensions: 3.5" L (including the connectors) x 2.25" W (including the connectors) x 1" H.

What's included:
  • Fully Assembled Typhon LED Controller with ATMega328 Chip and LCD Screen.
  • 12V AC/DC Power Supply.
  • Universal Electrical Input (110-240V AC 50/60Hz).
  • 8-pin Wire Connector.

What's NOT included:

  • Project box.
  • FTDI USB cord (Optional. Only if you plan to upload a new Arduino sketch).

Compatible LED Drivers:

Meanwell Dimmable Drivers.
  • ELN-30-XXP, ELN-60-XXP
LuxDrive™ 3021 BuckPuck.
  • 3021-D-E-XXXXmA
NOTE: Not compatible with MeanWell LPF and HLG LED drivers.

Preprogrammed Arduino Sketch available here. If you have an updated code you would like to share with other users, please send us an email and we'll post it up. To reprogram the Typhon LED controller, you'll need to extract the following zipfile into the arduino "libraries" subfolder: ExtraLibraries.zip

Typhon LED Controller was a DIY kit designed/created by N. Enders and R. Ensminger based on the Arduino platform. This unit has been assembled and brought to you by BoostLED™ under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA. The original source codes can be found here.

NOTE: As with all DIY (Do It Yourself) items, use this item at your own risk and there is no warranty on this particular item. All units have been thoroughly tested by the BoostLED™ team.