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  PAR30 Reef Lamp

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"Wow man, I'm lovin' the 4 tank set up!!" -- Zoa, reefersanonymous

"I am so impressed with BoostLED. Not just their service but the product." -- NU-2reef, 3reef

"I am very very pleased with this BoostLED bulb, boost the name of the company, it really suits them." -- Krug1313, Youtube

Customer's tank with BoostLED Par30 Reef Lamp. Credit: Daniel Davis (left) & bulldognutrition (right), Youtube.

Check out one of our customer's four tank setup with our par30s lamps!

Introducing the BoostLED™ PAR30 Reef Lamps for LPS / SPS / Soft corals.

Perfect for nano tanks, shallow reef tanks, and refugiums. Our Reef Lamps are powerful enough to grow and enhance coloration of small polyp stony (SPS) corals. For those more technical, take a look at the PAR graphs below.

Now customizable with a combination of Royal Blue (450nm), Regular Blue, Neutral White (5000K), and Cool White (7000K) 3-watt LED’s to optimize the look of your reef aquarium. BoostLED™ Reef Lamps are designed with a highly efficient aluminum alloy heatsink to maximize cooling surface area and quickly dissipate heat. They are internally ballasted, and can be used with track style lighting fixtures or retrofitted into DIY fixtures without a power supply. With proper use, LED’s have a lifespan that can last up to 50,000 hrs of use. BoostLED™ Reef Lamps run slightly warm to the touch due to the high power LED’s. Definitely runs COOLER and LONGER than metal halides saving you money from frequent replacement of bulbs or running a chiller!

BoostLED™ Reef Lamps are made with high power Edixeon 3-watt LED’s, which have high light output per watt and excellent color spectrum. These lamps are the best bang for the buck, in terms of quality and PAR output. We have used them on our own reef tanks and have had great coral growth and coloration for SPS, LPS, and softies.


  • Low power consumption 10 watts vs Metal Halide 250 watts
  • Less heat generation vs Metal Halide
  • Long lifespan, can last up to 50,000 hours
  • Save money from buying replacement bulbs
  • Runs cooler, doesn't affect water temperature like Metal Halide
  • Doesn't require an expensive chiller to operate


  • Combination of Edixeon 3-watt LED's.
  • Universal 110-240 Volts AC at 50/60Hz.
  • E26/E27 Standard Socket (regular light bulb).
  • Power Consumption: 10 watts.
  • Low Profile Dimensions: 3.75″ diameter and 3.75″ in height.
  • 40 and 60 Degree optics provide high PAR output with good light spread.
  • Excellent coverage for a 12″x12″ area.

Choosing your Par30 lamp

Our Par30 reef lamps come in a variety of options to provide you with a range of different applications:
2111 option: bluish full spectrum, natural looking and coloration. Kelvin range: 14K-16K
221 option: cooler standard lighting, with a tint of blue. Kelvin range: 10K
32 option: regular white lighting and appearance. Kelvin range: 7K
311 option: bluish violet with UV, 450nm wavelength, stimulate florescence and growth. Kelvin range: 14K-16K

You can always mix 'n match with a variety of PAR30 bulbs to suit your preferences.

PAR Results with Apogee Quantum PAR meter.

PAR output from ONE BoostLED™ Reef LED Lamp at the bottom of the 34g Solana tank was 150! That’s at a water depth of 20″. Soft and large polyp stony (LPS) corals will thrive in areas with PAR levels of 40-100, and SPS corals do great in areas with PAR levels over 100. PAR graphs below are plotted out for only one-quarter of the total light output area. So in order to determine the total area of light output, double the radius. For example in the first graph, the BoostLED™ Reef LED Lamp with 40 degree optics will have a PAR of greater than 90 degree optics for a 12″ diameter.

All BoostLED™ Reef Lamps come with a limited 1-year non-transferable warranty. Once returned to us, we will review the product for warranty coverage and attempt to repair it. In some cases, the product may be qualified for lamp replacement if there is a manufacturer defect.. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs.
Please note: Lamps are to be used in a well ventilated area. Do not use lamps with a can style light fixture or dimmers. Lamps are not waterproof and therefore, not submersible. Warranty will be voided if not used appropriately or if the lamps are found to be tampered.